I suppose the question beckons, who is this Helen person?

Well, that would be me….
I am a proud New Yorker, Korean-American, and the now resident blogger/twitterer/facebooker for Zero Point Zero Production, Inc. [the company that produces No Reservations]. I can often be found scheming with coworkers and planting ideas in the minds of Chris, Lydia and Joe [the principals of ZPZ] with things for the office like slides, siesta rooms, full bars, and tree stands outfitted with Nerf guns. When I’m not at the office, I enjoy fishing, freezing while watching Pat LaFrieda butcher meats, and a good taco.  

But a bit about my history at zpz: way back when, I applied for an internship at ZPZ but my ‘strangeness’ (or genius, depending on how you look at it) landed me a PA gig instead. (This was at a time when Tony was indeed looking to include a crackhead rodeo clown and dead prostitutes in the show, as he mentions…) So like most debt-drowned college grads do, I started at the bottom of the production totem pole but quickly managed to hustle my way around different positions from PA to Production Coordinator to Associate Producer to Unit Manager.  And now?…This — I was recently asked to take on the behind-the-scenes voice for No Reservations and the fans and viewers’ direct link to Tony and crew, and I couldn’t be more excited as there’s plenty ridiculousness and fun that never makes it to the screen or even to the network, for that matter, that I can’t wait to share with you all…. 

—Helen Cho